There is no "normal" - A note from B. W.

We were relatively new to the area and didn’t have much social support once my daughter was born. The first couple of months were challenging and isolating for me once my husband returned to work and family members returned home. I had met a few new moms through the birth center where I delivered but didn’t have a great connection with any of them. Being able to form a genuine connection with other first time moms was especially helpful.

The moms in my group have been wonderful – truly empathetic, genuine, and helpful. They are great listeners and willing to share advice, as well as a shoulder to cry on if needed. I was able to discuss what was “normal” in terms of my daughter’s development and postpartum emotions, feel validation from other women experiencing similar issues, and feel more confidence as a mom through my TAPS group. These moms have helped me shape my expectations and remind me that every baby is different, there is no “normal” and to seek support when needed.

Our group still meets informally, whether for dinner and other planned get togethers, or to go for walks and have play groups. Having the support and ability to socialize outside of the group is a tremendous benefit to joining TAPS. It’s great to continue to build friendships and see the babies grow and develop.

-B. W. in Cary