Why Should I join a TAPS Group? Sometimes you're first among your friends to have kids.

 C.H. tells her story today. She and her family are celebrating H's first Birthday soon! 

“I was the first Mom in my group of friends in the Triangle. My family live 5000 miles away (as do many of my friends with kids). My husband was not entitled for FMLA (he took two weeks PTO) and works long hours. So parenting at first was isolating and the days felt so long. The first two weeks were great with my husband at home, but week 3 fussiness hit just as my family arrived. My daughter suddenly was a lot harder and I found myself crying nearly as much as she did.

A lot of this was resolved after meeting my fellow TAPS Moms – turns out H had reflux and I wouldn’t have thought this was an issue if I hadn’t met other Moms. This alone was such a lightbulb moment and H went from a difficult baby to the life and soul of the party in a matter of days.

My fellow TAPS Moms [also] offered so much advice when H would scream in the car seat (now we can drive places!). Even though we were all first time parents, it amazed me how many examples and tips this “rookie” group had. I have learnt so much from this amazing group of Moms.

My TAPS Moms are no longer just my TAPS group – they are my friends. Each one has touched my life (and H’s) in such a meaningful way. We try to meet monthly as a group and I text/Facebook message all of the other Moms regularly. My husband has even made Dad friends. I truly hope we will all continue to grow together on this amazing journey and H sees her TAPS buddies as amazing friends.”