office update

A Note from C. H. in Durham

Before I had my daughter, I had no experience with babies other than holding them for a few minutes. The first few months were very challenging- learning how to nurse, feeding and sleeping schedules, and getting enough sleep myself. Once my husband went back to work, I felt really alone and would sometimes count the time until he would be home to help me. When I joined the TAPS group, I didn’t feel as alone anymore because I learned that the other moms were going through the same struggles.

My TAPS group helped me feel supported each week. We talked about our current issues and helped one another find solutions. Our group leader reminded us to celebrate the small wins, even when the struggles felt impossible to get through. During the group, I learned about how to help my baby get to naps before she got overtired, how much formula she needed, and even tips about solid foods. I am very glad that I found this support group because it made a huge difference in giving me the confidence I needed to be a great mom.

- C. H.