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Invigorate your child's Vocabulary: A new tool for talking about STEM with your Toddler

Invigorate your child's Vocabulary: A new tool for talking about STEM with your Toddler

Today's guest blogger, Chapel Hill mom and author Sheyna Sears, talks about when, where, and why she introduces STEM ideas to her own two young kiddos. She's the founder of Techie Baby Books author of a new best selling book for kids, "STEM ABC's: R is for Robot" available on AmazonMake sure you read all the way to the end for details on Sheyna's book launch party this Saturday May 19th! And the incredible gift she's giving to TAPS over the next 5 days!

What is Normal Development?

In this blog post you'll find some handy dandy resources for you to use up through your child's first birthday. 


Maybe your baby is 6 months and doesn't really "roll over" yet or isn't "sleeping through the night". Maybe your nine month old isn't really interested in solid foods but is still breast feeding like a champ. Or maybe your friend's baby starting crawling at 6 months but your 8 month old isn't there yet.

Should you be worried? Probably not. 

One of the questions parents in our groups frequently ask is, "Is my baby developing normally?" While sort of a complicated question, the answer is usually a resounding yes! Babies grow and develop is so many different ways and at so many very normal and very different rates that parents often start to worry when a friend or another TAPS group member starts doing something before their own child does. Every milestone has a normal range during which babies develop each skill and every baby is going to do this differently! Comparing your baby to any other baby, while helpful in some cases can increase your anxiety in others. I take the approach of cheering on every child at whatever rate they are developing while making sure that I'm equipped with the best information for how to help my children grow and learn. 

One of the best research based websites I've encountered for early childhood development is managed and curated by Zero to Three, a national nonprofit promoting education for parents, childcare workers, and anyone else who helps care for children under three. I did a little digging for you and found their guidelines for baby's development from birth to 12 months - each link includes the range of milestones to expect along with some suggestions for ways to play with and engage your baby in fun developmental activities. And you'll probably be surprised that you're already doing most of these things.