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Pre- Workshop Survey

Survey *
My level of stress as a parent is high
I have a positive relationship with my child(ren)
I recognize the behaviors that trigger my negative response to my child (i.e. my shark music)
I recognize and respond to my child's needs for support to explore and for comfort and contact (the top and bottom of the "Circle")
When I fail to respond to my child's need (I step off the "Circle"), I look for a way to repair our relationship.
I step back and think about what my child's behavior is telling me about hid/her/needs before I react. (The "Circle" and "Hands")
I feel confident that I can meet the needs of my child(ren).
Gender: *
What are the ages of your children?
As a part of our internal program evaluation process, we would like to share your survey responses in aggregate (combined with other survey responses with no identifying information attached) with donors , volunteers, and partners of TAPS. Your personal information will never be shared without your permission. *