Q. How much does it cost to join a TAPS Group?

We know that every family is different, so we use a choose-your-own program fee system that allows you to choose the amount you are able to pay from $55 to $155. TAPS also offers scholarships to families that can’t afford $55. Scholarships range from 50% - 95%. We use this model to make sure that TAPS programs are accessible to every parent in the Triangle, regardless of income or birth related financial strains.

If you’re in need of financial assistance, please register on our scholarship application page.


Triangle Area Parenting Support is primarily funded by donors and primarily run by volunteers. We are not funded by any state or federal grants

We use your program fees to pay for program operation expenses. This includes group materials, website maintenance, liability insurance, volunteer background checks, staff salaries, volunteer training, group coordination, and other similar expenses.

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