Frequently Asked Questions

“The moms in my group have been wonderful – truly empathetic, genuine, and helpful. They are great listeners and willing to share advice or a shoulder to cry on if needed.”
— Beth W.

Q. What is a TAPS Group like?

More than a support group; more than a play group; more than a moms group; TAPS groups connect families, build villages, and provide the peer support network that families need before a crisis happens.

TAPS groups meet weekly for ten weeks. In every group, a TAP volunteer group leader gets discussions started and provides local resources for group members during the ten weeks. Weekly gatherings include sharing time, a developmental moment including songs and games for babies, and a discussion of a relevant parenting topic. Topics may include: feeding, sleeping, emotional challenges, postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, balancing work and family, and many more!

Every group is unique not only because every parent brings their uniqueness to the group but also because every group chooses 5 of their topics from out list of over 40 amazing parenting discussion topics. Leaders also encourage group members to get together outside of the group's scheduled meeting time. Many groups plan group date nights, mom's night out, birthday parties, family picnics, and many more  activities depending on their groups' desires. 

TAPS truly intends that each group will be a village—supporting each other through the ups and downs of of parenting through the years.

We believe it is important to provide inclusive non-judgmental atmospheres of support. Parents have joined TAPS groups from all over the Triangle - Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Morrisville, Durham, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Clayton and Raleigh! Our groups have included multi-racial families, adoptive families, blended families, and non-traditional families—we hope that you will find your TAPS group is a place of safety and support as your make the transition to parenthood or add another member to your family.

Q. What type of TAPS groups are available?

We currently offer TAPS Newborn Groups and TAPS Baby Groups.

Q. Who can join a TAPS Newborn Group?

Moms and couples are eligible to join! Parents can attend with their infants aged 0-16 weeks. Groups meet during the week or on the weekend; daytime and evening options are also available. Meetings are hosted at a TAPS Group Member’s homes, and last 10 weeks.

Q. Who can join a TAPS Baby Group?

Moms and couples are eligible to join! Parents can attend with their babies aged 4-12 months old. Groups meet during the week or on the weekend; usually groups meet mid-morning. Meetings are hosted at a TAPS Group Member’s homes, and last 10 weeks.


Usually, the TAPS group leader will host the first meeting at their home and each participant takes a turn hosting one week at a time. TAPS Babies groups meet at community host sites around the Triangle according to availability of our partner sites. We use several different sites in each region of the Triangle including chiropractic offices, churches, coffee shops, and even a furniture store. See some of our community partners here.

Q. How much does it cost to join a TAPS Group?

We use a pay-what-you-can scaled program fee model that allows families to choose a fee on the scale from $55 to $155 so that our groups are accessible to everyone. We believe so strongly in the value of the group that we want to make sure that payment is never a reason to opt-out of joining. A non-refundable $15 deposit is required to reserve your place in the TAPS group you’ve selected. The remaining balance of your program fee is due prior to the first meeting of your group. Please contact us at if you’d like more details!


TAPS uses program fees to pay for organizational expenses. We use funds to pay for administrative tasks like website upkeep and insurance and to do program related work like coordinate groups, communicate with group members, train group leaders, provide materials and support for group leaders, and market group availability. 

Program fees don't cover all of our costs and TAPS is not funded by any state or federal grants. If you loved your TAPS experience consider donating so we can keep providing quality programming to new parents in the Triangle.

Q. Is financial assistance available?

Yes, financial assistance is available to ensure that every family has the opportunity to participate in a TAPS Group. We never want finances to be the reason you don't join a group! To apply for financial assistance, please complete both the Registration form and the TAPS Scholarship Application and we will contact you within 5-7 business days. 


When you sign up and pay your deposit, we add your name to our list of parents waiting for groups to start. Groups fill up based on baby's birth/due date, location, and the type of group you sign up for. Sometimes is takes a little while for a group to form. If you're ever curious about when your group will start, you can always send us a note or give us a call. 

In 2018 we're starting groups each quarter. Registration deadlines for the remainder of the year are June 30th for the summer session and September 21st for our fall session. The earlier you register, the easier it is for us to create a group that will work for you! Registration is always open. Unless you indicate otherwise, all registered parents will remain on the wait list and receive information about upcoming groups until we find one that works for your schedule. When we create a new session of groups, we communicate with registered parents about the availability of groups and parents have the option to opt-in or opt-out. If you ever find that you can't make a group work, we're glad to keep you on the wait list for the next available group

Our program coordinator works really hard to make sure that parents are placed into groups where all members live within a 20 minute drive of each other and have babies that are close in age. We feel that these two factors are key to helping you develop relationships that will grow into strong and beautiful supporting friendships lasting for many years. 

Once you're placed in a group, your group leader will send you an introduction with information for your first meeting and then your group will start! 

Q. What can I expect after I register?

About a week before you group starts, your TAPS group leader will send you an introduction with information about your first meeting and then your group will start!