TAPS Parenting Groups

TAPS groups help parents build a community of support throughout their parenting journey. 
Scroll through the steps below to learn about what a TAPS group is like, find out what type of group is right for you, register for your group and  learn more about what you can do while you wait for your group to start. 

Step One: What is a TAPS Group like?

More than a support group; more than a play group; more than a moms group; TAPS groups connect families, build villages, and provide the peer support network that families need before a crisis happens.

TAPS groups meet weekly for ten weeks. In every group, a TAP volunteer group leader gets discussions started and provides local resources for group members during the ten weeks. Weekly gatherings include sharing time, a developmental moment including songs and games for babies, and a discussion of a relevant parenting topic. Topics may include: feeding, sleeping, emotional challenges, postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, balancing work and family, and many more!

Every group is unique not only because every parent brings their uniqueness to the group but also because every group chooses 5 of their topics from out list of over 40 amazing parenting discussion topics. Leaders also encourage group members to get together outside of the group's scheduled meeting time. Many groups plan group date nights, mom's night out, birthday parties, family picnics, and many more  activities depending on their groups' desires. 

TAPS truly intends that each group will be a village - supporting each other through the ups and downs of of parenting through the years.

Step Two: Which group type is right for me?

TAPS Newborn Groups

WHO: Options for moms only groups and couple groups

Parents attend with their infants aged 0-16 weeks

WHEN: During the week or on the weekend;
daytime and evening options

WHERE: Hosted in group members’ homes

DURATION 10 weeks

COST: $55-155


WHO: Options for moms only groups and couple groups

Parents attend with their babies aged 4-12 months

WHEN: Weekday and weekend options;
usually mid-morning

WHERE: Hosted at hosting sites

DURATION: 10 weeks

COST: $55-155

Step 3: Register for Your group.

Step 4: While you Wait.

When you finish registering and pay your deposit, we add your name to our list of parents waiting for groups to start. Groups fill up based on baby's birth/due date, location, and the type of group you sign up for. Sometimes is takes a little while for a group to form. If you're ever curious about when your group will start, you can always send us a note or give us a call. 

This year, we're starting groups each quarter. Registration deadlines for the remainder of the year are July 6th for the summer session and September 21st for our fall session. The earlier you register, the easier it is for us to create a group that will work for you! Registration is always open and unless you indicate otherwise, all registered parents will remain on the wait list and receive information about upcoming groups until we find one that works for your schedule. We can't guarantee when the right group for you will start, but we will do our best to let you know about the options each quarter. When we create a new session of groups, we communicate with registered parents about the availability of groups and you'll have the option to opt-in or opt-out. If you ever find that you can't make a group work, we're glad to keep you on the wait list for the next available group. 

Our program coordinator works really hard to make sure that parents are placed into groups where all members live within a 20 minute drive of each other and have babies that are close in age. We feel that these two factors are key to helping you develop relationships that will grow into strong and beautiful supporting friendships lasting for many years. 

While you're waiting, be sure to follow TAPS on facebook, instagram, and twitter (@TAPS_NC) for ideas about research based parenting, fun family events, mocktails for moms events, and other ways you can connect while you wait for your group to get started.

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Once you're placed in a group, your group leader will send you an introduction with information for your first meeting and your group will start! YAY!