Waitlist for Circle of Security-Parenting (8 week series)

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Waitlist for Circle of Security-Parenting (8 week series)


Day/Time TBD , Location: TBD

Presented by: Trained and registered COS-P facilitators

Meets for 1 1/2 hours weekly for 8 weeks.

Who should attend: Parents of children, 6 months to 6 years. Parents of older children and teens will also benefit. Includes parents living in Durham, Cary, Apex, Raleigh and surrounding areas. Must have transportation to and from all meetings. This group will include a minimum of 5 parents and no more than 12 parents. Mothers, Fathers, Adoptive parents, Grandparents, and Guardians, and Caretakers are welcome.

Child Care is not provided. At this time, parents will need to make child care arrangements for evening meetings. We suggest asking your partner or a friend for help with evening responsibilities.

Program Fee has not yet been determined. Filling out this form means that you’ll be notified FIRST when our Winter Workshops are scheduled.

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At times all parents feel lost or without a clue about what our child might need from us. Imagine what it might feel like if you were able to make sense of what your child was really asking from you. The Circle of Security® Parenting™ program is based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.

Learning Objectives of the Training:

• Understand your child’s emotional world by learning to read the emotional needs

• Understand what gets in the way of your meeting those needs and how to navigate those obstacles.

• Support your child’s ability to successfully manage emotions

• Enhance the development of your child’s self esteem

• Develop strategies of what to do when you inevitable make parenting mistakes.

• Honor your innate wisdom and desire for your child to be secure

How does a COS-P group work?

The COS-P program uses video vignettes of child-parent interactions and parent interviews, visual diagrams, music, and more to present the idea of the “circle of security.” These instructional materials are interspersed with group discussions and personal reflections. Please plan to bring material to record your thoughts - you may want to share what you are thinking with the group.

Once you complete your registration, you’ll receive an email with additional instructions regarding your group. Then, about a week before your group starts, you will receive more information from your COS-P Facilitators. Facilitators will be available before and after sessions to talk with parents. The facilitators guide the group through the COS-P material and moderate parent discussions. A small snack and drinks will be served. If your COS-P group occurs during a meal time, please plan to bring your meal. Take-out, picnics, and lunch boxes welcome.