Motherhood Inc. - 3 Session Workshop

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Motherhood Inc. - 3 Session Workshop


Motherhood, Inc. - Become the CEO of your life
3 evening sessions from 7-9pm held in September and October.
A Workshop Series led by Kristin Baker, Professional Coach

In today's society most mothers have been given the idea that pursuing your passion in life or investing in self (sans children) often means sacrificing something: time with family, time with friends, deeper purpose (self), career success, and possibly quality of living.

It’s time to -

  • dispel that myth and commune with others who crave the conviction, foundation and energy to pursue more for themselves.

  • connect with other mothers interested in awakening to their most
    authentic selves. Outside of their role as a mother.

  • reimagine our relationship to daily living and consider a life of balance
    and play!

Come together in community with other moms to share, learn, and grow in a safe space.

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This workshop series will be facilitated by Kristin Baker, a certified coach, mom to 5 year old Avery, and professional life juggler (which one is the rubber ball?!). Back in 2016, Kristin left her management position in corporate America to pursue her passion - coaching and leadership. She helps professional women adjust to the demands of parenting without losing focus on their relationships and personal fulfillment.