1. Liability Policy and Release of Responsibility

Please read the statement of release below before registering for your TAPS group. 

  • I hereby release the Triangle Area Parenting Support (TAPS) organization, directors, employees, volunteers, and other members of this Peer Support Group (Group) from any and all liability of personal, physical, or psychological injury to me or my dependents; and from any and all loss of or damage to my personal property by participation in the Group.

  • I acknowledge that this group is not intended for therapeutic purposes and is not a substitute for proper mental health medical attention but available as an additional channel of support.

  • I acknowledge that because of the peer led nature of the group that TAPS is not covered under HIPAA regulations.

  • I understand that if I disclose information of a personal or sensitive nature, with the exception of actual or intended harm to myself or others, that it is private and it is intended to stay within the Group.

  • TAPS has no authority to detain individuals but strongly encourages participants to seek professional mental health care in emergency situations.

  • I acknowledge that I am at least 18 years old, have read this waiver, and agree to its provisions of my own free will.

2. Program Fee

Triangle Area Parenting Support is a not-for-profit  501(c) (3) registered organization. We provide 10 weeks of facilitated, peer-volunteer led  discussions to support parents; opportunities to learn and apply research based early child development skills; and a chance for parents to build community through consistent face-to-face interaction. 

Your program fee covers about 30% of the total cost to serve one family. In order to best utilize the community's resources and serve as many parents as possible, we request your program fee payment up front.

We NEVER want finances to keep families from participating in TAPS. If you need help paying your program fee, please fill out this application form and we will contact you regarding our needs-based scholarships.

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