TAPS Post-group Survey

Please take a moment to complete the survey below. All answers are confidential and used to improve programming. You completed a similar survey before your group began. Thank you again!
If you have more than one child, mark the age of your youngest child
What types of support did you receive from your TAPS Group experience? *
What types of support did you receive from your TAPS Group experience?
Social Support: I met other parents, made new friends for me and baby and had something fun to do.
Emotional Support: I discussed the joys and challenges of parenting and adjusting to life with baby.
Child Development Support: I learned about typical needs and abilities of babies and learned ways to support my child's development.
Information Support: I learned about local resources such as lactation support, child development, finding and/or evaluation child care options, activities for families, etc.
Parenting Support: I got ideas about how to care for baby and how to support their emotional development.
In our pre-group survey, we asked questions about how you were doing before you were in a TAPS group. We're going to ask those same questions again, to see how you have changed over time. For each statement, mark how strongly you agree or disagree with it, based on how you feel TODAY.
Social Support *
Social Support
I feel isolated because of the demands of taking care of my baby.
There are other parents I can talk with about the challenges of parenting.
Emotional Support *
Emotional Support
I feel confident about my ability to parent well.
I sometimes have mixed feelings about being a parent, including guilt, resentment, or times when I don't enjoy my baby.
I feel like I can manage my day-to-day routine and handle the tasks that need to be done.
It's easy for me to feel overwhelmed and stressed out when caring for my child.
I know about postpartum emotional changes, including baby blues, anxiety, and depression.
Child Development Support *
Child Development Support
I know about the typical stages of development in a baby or toddler.
I know about activities I can do with my baby to enhance development and early learning.
Information Support *
Information Support
I have people in town who would help me in an unexpected situation or time of need.
I know about resources for lactation or feeding, my baby's development, reliable child care, legal questions or other services I might need.
Parenting Support *
Parenting Support
I know my baby's cues and how to respond to his/her needs.
I enjoy being with my baby, talking, playing or doing daily activities together.