“My husband and I moved to Raleigh 2 years ago from out of state and we have no local family in the area. When our son arrived I was really worried about the isolation and our emotional well being considering everything that comes with having a new baby. TAPS has been a wonderful way to make friends, connect with other families, and build some local support.”
— Angela C. 2019 TAPS Group Member
“Because of my TAPS group, I feel more confident as a mom. I don’t feel alone. I can now say that I have found my tribe. The couples in our group are some of the best people I have met. They are great parents and I’m excited to see our friendships blossoming!”
— Nikki N. 2019 TAPS Group Member
“The moms in my group have been wonderful – truly empathetic, genuine, and helpful. They are great listeners and willing to share advice or a shoulder to cry on if needed.”
— Beth W. 2016 TAPS Group Member
Joining TAPS was one of the best decisions I made this year, both for myself and for my son. The women in my TAPS group are amazing, and though we may seem like a rag tag unlikely group of Mom friends, they have been unwaveringly supportive and refreshingly honest.”
— Karli 2018 TAPS Group Member
“My TAPS group provided me a safe place to discuss all the trials and triumphs that came with being a new parent. Meeting consistently with a group of moms helped us establish rapport and trust and provided an environment where we could share personal issues openly and receive emotional support and suggestions.”
— Kelly, 2016 TAPS Group Member