What We Do

We organize and facilitate community-based, peer support groups for new parents across the Triangle area in North Carolina.

Our support groups are based on the model designed by the Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS) in Seattle, WA and utilize the PEPS curriculum. TAPS is a proud member of the PEPS Network and the only North Carolina provider of PEPS based groups.

Each meeting includes time for sharing parenting highs and lows, singing songs to the babies, a time for parents to learn developmental games to play with their child, and a group discussion on a topic related to the adventure of parenting. Meetings also include break time for informal socializing and connecting with other parents. Groups discussions are led by a trained facilitator for 10 weeks and parents are encouraged to continue providing support for each other by continuing to gather for as long as they choose.

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What are Parents Saying about TAPS?

“The moms in my group have been wonderful – truly empathetic, genuine, and helpful. They are great listeners and willing to share advice or a shoulder to cry on if needed.”
— Beth W. 2016 TAPS Group Member
Joining TAPS was one of the best decisions I made this year, both for myself and for my son. The women in my TAPS group are amazing, and though we may seem like a rag tag unlikely group of Mom friends, they have been unwaveringly supportive and refreshingly honest.”
— Karli 2018 TAPS Group Member
“My TAPS group provided me a safe place to discuss all the trials and triumphs that came with being a new parent. Meeting consistently with a group of moms helped us establish rapport and trust and provided an environment where we could share personal issues openly and receive emotional support and suggestions.”
— Kelly, 2016 TAPS Group Member

Our Groups

More than a support group; more than a play group; more than a moms group; TAPS groups connect families, build villages, and provide the peer support network that families need before a crisis happens.

TAPS Newborn Groups

TAPS Newborn Groups bring together families with babies four months or younger. These groups meet in the homes of group members for about two hours each week. Daytime, Evening, and Weekend options are available for one or both parents to attend with their child. All options are subject to demand and the capacity of our amazing volunteers. 



TAPS Baby Groups bring together moms or parents and their older infant, ages 4-12 months. Group participants meet, share and learn together at one of several hosting sites across the Triangle. TAPS provides the toys to make sure that everyone has a good time. Daytime and Weekend options are available for one or both parents to attend with their child. All options are subject to regional community demand and the capacity of our amazing volunteers. 

Still not sure?

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